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From accountancy to Now Teach trainee

Cohort: September 2019 – June 2020 
Where: Ark Acton Academy
Subject: Maths

I left university with a respectable degree in Philosophy and so naturally became an accountant.  I qualified as an ACA with a small firm and then joined KPMG where I worked in various teams including a newly formed Private Equity Group before my interest in Purposeful and Sustainable Business got the better of me and I accepted the role as Partner in Charge of Sustainability Services in 2010. I had a fantastic career at KPMG, working with amazing, dedicated, talented people for some of the most successful companies in the world.

Making a change

After deciding to work for myself, I soon realized that I didn’t want to be on my own – an extrovert gets their energy and motivation to act from being with others. I began thinking about what I could do that involved people, that would continue my passionate interest in building a better world and which I thought I would enjoy. The decision to retrain as a teacher started out as surprising one and then became obvious once made, confirmed as over the past months I have been interviewed, I have visited schools and managed to get a term of teaching experience.

As I have told people what I am doing, I have discovered my network of friends and colleagues is full of retraining teachers or people who know them – previously hidden below the surface. I am definitely fortunate to have been supported through the UCAS and schools and teacher training process by Now Teach, for which I will always be grateful.

Of course it is going to be challenging but so are all things that are worthwhile.

The challenge ahead

Where to start?  With my naïve belief that I am ready for whatever challenges it throws at me?  With my private concerns about my subject knowledge, habitual use of rude words or obvious posh-ness?  With the rumours of impossible workloads and my own bloody-minded determination to maintain both my commercial and non-commercial outside interests and do the PGCE and be the best teacher ever?

Of course it is going to be challenging, but so are all things that are worthwhile.

Teaching and Empowering

In a utopian world, empowerment would not be necessary because each would have power over their own destiny to the extent they wanted or needed it.  In our world there is a vast group of young people who do not have power over their own destinies and whether out of compassion, a sense of justice or just because it is an interesting experiment in living, I am able to empower them to own their own futures.

I am sure in my new career I will use every skill I have ever learned in both small and large ways every day.  The ability to listen, to speak confidently, to act a role, to adapt to challenging situations, to inspire and build teams, to give feedback on poor work (and to praise good work).

But for my students, I want to teach them to sell: themselves and their ideas.  I want to help them understand teams.  I want to teach them about business and finance and the planet.  I want to teach them about tools for decision making and how to control your state to achieve peak performance.  I want to teach them about the joy of reading and the pleasure of beating the competition but walking away from it with respect.  And along the way I would like to teach them some Maths.

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