Now Teach finds and supports career changers in teaching. Now Teachers bring a range of backgrounds and quality experience to the education system. What they share is a passion to do something new, which is challenging and makes a difference to young people.

Because of the experience gained in previous roles, Now Teachers bring new and diverse perspectives into secondary schools. These perspectives and experiences are most successfully deployed once you have started to develop classroom skills.

Now Teach are experts in supporting individuals in establishing themselves as second (or later) career teachers. All Now Teachers have had successful careers elsewhere prior to becoming teachers. Our network enables Now Teachers to access training that is tailored for them, setting them up for success in schools.   

What will I achieve from being a part of Now Teach?

Becky Clark,
Before Banking
Now Maths Teacher  

“At the end of my first year I had achieved Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). QTS is vitally important as it allows me to teach in schools in England. In my second year in teaching, I then progressed into completing my NQT year.”

Through Now Teach you can achieve Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) by completing a school or university-based route at one of Now Teach’s partners. Where you will train will depend on your location, as training varies depending on where you live and what subject you want to teach. For my training, I was based in one school, but I had a term at a second school as part of my training which I found great.

Now Teach supported me throughout the process of getting onto the training and then worked with me throughout my teacher training and induction year.

My training was through a School Direct route which means it was principally school-based. I wanted to spend as much time in the classroom as possible. I was also able to complete my PGCE qualification whilst training in my first two years. This was a series of academic and reflective projects which helped me whilst I trained. However, this was optional as the key qualification I needed to achieve (in order to be able to teach) was my QTS.

You can also choose to train via a university or other provider-led course. The training options vary depending on where you live. If you are training in a university or on a provider-led course, you still spend portions of your training in school.

When you start, you wonder whether the class are progressing, but when you see acceptance and enthusiasm in your class it makes it feel worth it.


What will my training look like?

Now Teach’s team of experts work with you to ensure you can pick a programme in your area, in the subject of your choice.

They then worked with me to ensure the eligibility and compliance checks were completed. They also helped me prepare before my interview in school.

Their team of experts helped me access the correct support in school as well as ensure I received the correct financial reimbursement including bursaries or scholarships.

When I had accepted an offer with my training provider, they then supported me with gaining experience in school and held on-boarding sessions to make sure I was ready for the start of term.

Khasruz Zaman
Before Corporate Lawyer
Now Now Teacher


The Now Teach network kicks off in July at our annual conference. We also hold a graduation event for the current QTS cohort; it acts as a passing of the torch between cohort years. The conference is great as it is an introduction to the Now Teach network and we have some great discussions about what to expect from teaching from experts in the industry.

You will then start at your school or university/provider in September or January. You will not be teaching a full timetable when you start. You are likely to be teaching 4-6 hours a week, with support, and these increase as you progress. In September we hold our first Teach Meet designed to support you. In October our first Cohort Session will focus on a key topic that our previous trainees identified as wanting to hear more about. Your school coach or mentor and key staff from your training provider will be guiding you when you start to make sure you are progressing.

As you advance through the year, together with your in-school mentor, we focus on accelerating your progress and teacher persona. Bonds grow between fellow Now Teachers; this network is a resource as our teachers help each other throughout the year.

It’s the little things I see, like when Now Teachers compare lesson plans or send supportive messages ahead of a tricky class, that makes me proud to work with our Now Teachers.

“Now Teach has supported my fellow trainee teachers for their first two years of teaching. My first year was funded by the government bursary and by a scholarship, but what Now Teach do in the second year is help you get a Newly Qualified Teacher position which is salaried. This is normally in the school you did your QTS year in, however, in some instances it may be in a different school in your area.

As an NQT you have a 10% reduction in your teaching schedule (compared to a fully-qualified teacher) referred to as Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) to help support your workload.

Now Teach started in 2016 and it has been fascinating to see the network flourish with several of our first-year group now starting to take up leadership positions. Many prefer to stick as classroom teachers as they have previously held leadership positions in industry and see their focus helping pupils directly. The nice thing about career change and specifically education is, it is your choice what you want to work towards.”

What you should know before you apply

Katie Waldegrave
Executive Director

“When Lucy Kellaway came to me with the opportunity to help career changers become teachers, we wanted to make sure their training was designed to help them succeed and stay. We knew that our trainees needed:

  • Experts on how and where you can train to teach.
  • No age discrimination, we simply look for quality experience. Age is not a barrier.
  • School placements near to where you live, in a school and subject you are comfortable with.
  • For school-based trainees, a compressed, 1 year, 4 day a week programme. You can opt for 5 days a week if you choose to.
  • Opportunities to teach in the classroom. We recognised a shortage in certain subjects, so we focus on Maths, STEM, ICT or MFL to ensure as many career changers had the opportunity to teach.
  • Strong peer relationships through the Now Teach network: We want you to succeed and become the best teacher you can be.
What particularly drives me to ensure Now Teach is successful is that I want more people like you teaching my children.” The schools we partner with are often part of a network of teacher training schools. Although we work with many schools, we do not currently work in all schools. The schools we work with have been identified as schools which have the capacity to support or provide high quality teacher training.

What you should know before you apply?

  • Honest, common sense organisation designed to support career changers
  • Provider-led or school-based training options
  • 4 days a week compressed school-based programme
  • Bursary up to £26,000 tax free
  • Conference, Graduation, Teach Meets, Cohort Sessions, Coaching
  • Programme Manager support for 2 years
  • In-school coach / mentor during training
  • Support and training on completing QTS & NQT
  • Access to Now Teach network of teachers and education policy experts
  • Opportunity to feedback to DfE on what works in education / teacher training


Start your career change journey today. Check your eligibility for the Now Teach programme here.

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