In two years, Now Teach has recruited 205 people and placed them in more than 70 schools to train and develop.

How do I get a Now Teacher in my school?

Now Teach supports career changers to make a successful transition into teaching. We work with networks of schools and, initial teacher training providers to accelerate trainees’ progress and maximise their impact in school – for the long term.

Working with our partners is fundamental to our success – we currently work with around 70 schools that see the potential of our trainee teachers and are committed to working with us. Since 2016 we have introduced 200+ career changers into the sector. Prior to training to be teachers, Now Teachers have been in industries such as media, finance, public sector and IT.

If you would like a Now Teacher in your school, please get in touch.

“Having worked with Now Teach candidates first hand I have been impressed with their commitment and calibre. Their different backgrounds and experience are a welcome addition to the classroom and the school as a whole.”

Lucy Frame

Why Work with Now Teach?

Now Teach is a professional network alongside ITT. It is designed to ease the transition from one career into teacher training.

Now Teach is introducing diversity of experience into the classroom. Before teaching, they have worked in industries such as finance, media and IT.

Trainee teachers who join the Now Teach network are much more likely to complete training and gain QTS than national averages.

We provide additional marketing and recruitment expertise. Our team can ensure your programme is more widely known in your local area.

Now Teach integrate within the existing school, HEI and training provider structures to complement training and development.

What is a now teacher?

Now Teachers have often held leadership ​positions in industry or been technical experts and are looking to re-deploy their skills in the classroom – whilst training to become a teacher. They are a diverse audience who are seeking a new challenge; they want to share a love of their subject and their life experiences to improve the life chances of pupils.

Why have we been successful?

Our trainees are fulfilling a lifetime ambition – they are driven to succeed in a profession they value.

Teacher trainees have a Now Teach Programme Manager to support their experience.

Our bespoke sessions complement your initial teacher training programme and build on learning.

Our school-based training providers offer a compressed programme in 4 days a week.

Strength of relationships between trainees and their new network.

What do our Now Teachers need from you?

Work with us during selection to ensure a smooth application journey.

Provide high quality and convenient school placements.

Accommodate Now Teach Cohort Sessions.

Host school experience for potential trainees.

For school-based courses offer a four-day week (including training release time).

In some cases, Now Teachers secure their training place before finding out about the Now Teach network or have specific placement requirements that means they pursue a training place for themselves. If you are a training provider working with experienced professionals that you think could benefit from the Now Teach support network, please do get in touch.
Similarly, if you are beginning your teacher training in September and would like to be part of the Now Teach network please get in touch.


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