In our first three years, Now Teach has placed over 200 teachers in around 70 partner schools, training providers and universities across London, Birmingham, East Anglia and Hastings.

We carefully select partner schools and training providers who welcome the different perspectives that previous work lives can bring and share our high standards in training provision.

We know that where you are based in your training and teaching will be a critical factor in your decision to train to teach. We will guide you towards one of our trusted partners based, amongst other criteria, on your location. We and they aim to keep your commute from home to 45 minutes or under.

School Locations 

The secondary schools and universities we partner with are in Hastings, London, East Anglia and Birmingham. Although we work with many schools, we do not work in all schools. The schools we work with have been identified as organisations which have the capacity to support and provide high-quality teacher training.

Working with schools

Now Teach operate in state secondary schools, often serving disadvantaged communities. The schools we work with are good or outstanding schools with the capacity for teacher training and a training vacancy in your subject.

No schools near you?

If we don’t yet seem to be operating in your area but you are interested in applying for our programme, we want to hear from you. Our expansion plans are influenced by where potential participants want to teach. Please fill in the eligibility survey to register an interest.

Already found your place?

If you have already found your training provider and school, we may still be able to work together. We would recommend getting in touch and one of the team can discuss your options.

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