Now Teach provides a route for experienced people to successfully retrain as secondary school teachers and stay in the sector for the long-term.

We are looking for enthusiastic professionals to join our network of career-changers, redeploying their knowledge, skills and experience in the classroom.

Candidates who want to teach Maths, Science, Computer Science, Geography, English and Modern Foreign Languages are particularly needed by schools. We also place exceptional candidates in other subject areas.

Now Teach is a competitive programme and our application process will identify if Now Teach is right for you. We recommend attending our events, viewing our webinars or getting in touch if you have any questions. We encourage you to apply and we will support you through the process to become a trainee teacher.

Our eligibility criteria

We are not looking for people with significant experience of teaching or working in schools; you may never have thought about being a teacher before. However, successful Now Teach applicants may have organised school visits, volunteered in secondary schools and show a motivation to working with and inspiring young people.


We are looking for applicants with a successful career who will contribute valuable skills and experience to schools and the Now Teach network.  Evidence of career success includes but is not limited to:

  • Management and leadership positions
  • Clear progression and impact in your career
  • A portfolio career
  • Evidence of overcoming adversity and challenge
  • Technical expertise.


Applicants must have the following:

  • Maths and English GCSEs at grade C or above (or equivalent qualifications from outside the UK, as judged by NARIC)
  • Strong A-level or Honours degree in the subject you want to teach

To be eligible for a government bursary in certain subjects candidates must have:

  • A 2:2 or above at undergraduate degree level or have a Masters/PhD
  • Been living in the UK or another EEA country for at least three years prior to starting your teacher training.

We also consider

  • Your motivation to teach, especially in a secondary school and knowledge of our Now Teach programme
  • Evidence that you understand the rewards, challenges and role of a teacher
  • The range of relevant abilities and skills you can bring to teaching, for example, subject knowledge expertise, an ability to engage diverse audiences, managing people, or communication skills
  • If you show a motivation to working with young people, shown by experience helping with a youth club, running a sports team
  • If you have completed any observations or voluntary work in school
  • Whether you are a lifelong learner who has pursued further qualifications and study in your field
  • Your ability to communicate ideas and concepts with clarity to all audiences. Candidates must have exceptional English language – written and verbal
  • Your ability to have a presence within a classroom environment; inspiring students in your class to raise their aspirations and interest in your subject.

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