Be part of our network while you train

We have supported over 200 experienced professionals to train to teach, smoothing their career transition and supporting them to succeed in their new jobs in the long term.

Our programme will complement your teacher training and is completely free of charge for you – we are funded by the Department for Education. We work with your school, university or training provider to enhance your training through your current provider.  Details of the support and how to apply are available below.

Our support is designed to make your training easier, rather than adding additional requirements. It is voluntary and designed to give you what you need to succeed.

We offer:

A Network of Now Teachers

Your fellow trainees will be your biggest allies, providing support, insight and fellowship. Your dedicated Programme Manager will organise regular opportunities to collaborate, share and network with the rest of the cohort, giving you time to reflect together outside of the school and training context.

Personalised support and development

We provide bespoke support and development opportunities on a monthly basis, complementing your Initial Teacher Training. Over the two years of the programme, you will have access to a range of events and well-being and career coaches to help make your transition into teaching a success.

Meeting other Now Teachers leaves you invigorated as you realise everyone’s dealing with some sort of challenge and we all swap experiences. I’ve made some good friends.



How Now Teach can help you during your training

Teach Meets

These monthly events are an opportunity to hear from an expert in the world of education, share your school experiences and build your network.

Cohort Session

Full day cohort sessions during the year provide time and space to explore themes identified as a priority by previous cohorts, such as Subject Knowledge and Student Behaviour. Session attendance must be approved by training providers.

Coaching & Training

To enhance your training experience your Programme Manager will provide access to wellbeing, career and subject coaches through your training. Optional training sessions on topics such as planning, behaviour, subject knowledge and technology are scheduled to provide you the skills to be successful in class.

Social Events

We organise regular events for you and your fellow trainees over the year, including a Graduation Ceremony at the end of your Initial Teacher Training. 


Now Teach produce additional resources throughout the year to aid your development. These resources may be provided digitally or in print and are developed to enhance your training experience. In 2019 Now Teach published our first termly magazine alongside our existing additional materials; in 2020 Now Teach live-streamed Teach Meets on key topics to improve access across the network.

How to Join Now Teach

Application & Enquiry

If you would like to be part of the Now Teach network, please fill in an application, sharing your motivation to teach, an overview of your career and indicate you have already had a training offer. We will then be in touch to discuss your offer and arrange a short interview.

An application to Now Teach does not count as one of your UCAS applications.

Confirmation with Training Provider

We provide bespoke support and development opportunities on a monthly basis, complementing your Initial Teacher Training. The support of your initial teacher training provider is vital to a successful training programme. We may already be working with your training provider, but if we do not, we need to ensure that your Initial Teacher Training provider and school know you are part of the Now Teach network and accessing our supplementary support.

Once you have been invited to join Now Teach we liaise with your training provider to ensure these sessions are added to your training programme.

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